Jonathan Hinckley and family


Jonathan Hinckley preaches for the Temple City church of Christ, and also works with the Sichel Street church of Christ in East Los Angeles.  He has been leading singing in English and Spanish from a young age, and has been teaching music in the Los Angeles public schools for fourteen years.  He holds a BA in Music Education and a Masters in Music in Composition.  Jonathan has presented singing classes and workshops in numerous cities in the United States and in El Salvador, Hong Kong, Mexico, and the Philippines.  Jonathan is currently teaching the singing class at the Instituto Bíblico Sur de California, the Spanish branch of the Southern California School of Evangelism in Buena Park.  His latest project is to write new songs for the churches of Christ--his goal is to write one new song in English and Spanish each month, for the benefit of the church and to the glory of God!


In 1996 I went on a mission trip to Hong Kong and met Jacqueline Medrano, a wonderful sister in Christ from the Philippines.  In 1998 we were married here in Los Angeles.  Around the time our first son Daniel arrived I was beginning to record and do more singing workshops, we called our ministry JJDJ (Jonathan, Jackie, and Daniel for Jesus).  Then Joseph came along, and finally Timothy, but some still know us as JJDJ.  We continue to work together to encourage all members of Christ’s Church to keep singing from the heart!