Each CD in the Hymns in Harmony series is recorded in four-part harmony with the voices separated by stereo, so you can learn to sing soprano, alto, tenor, or bass.

Learn to sing bass by practicing beginning, intermediate, and advanced songs.  Practice the bass voice alone or with the other three voices, and learn to read bass with shaped notes.

Our original New Songs CD from 2005.  All the songs on this CD are written or translated by members of the Church of Christ.  15 great new songs from and for members of the church!

The songs are: The Church of Christ, There's No god as Great as You, Jesus' Blood Still Flows, First Day of the Week, Lord Hear Your Children, May the Work of the Lord, Get Up and Be Baptized, The Macedonians Gave, I Will Praise Him, Trust in the Lord, We Know, Lord Help Me, I'm Not Ashamed of the Lord, Christ is the Answer, Time is Flying On

Learn Spanish or teach English through song!  All songs are recorded in English and Spanish and files are included on the CD to help you learn each word in English or Spanish.  Perfect for congregations working in both languages.


“4x1” (four times one): The title refers to the kind of songs included on this CD--all of them are songs written especially for more advanced four-part harmony.  The parts are separated by stereo so you can isolate the different voice parts and learn to sing each one.

Use these CDs and videos to learn Spanish songs, or give them as gifts to your Spanish-speaking friends and brethren, or send to aid your Spanish-speaking mission work.

All the songs on this CD are written or translated by members of the Church of Christ.  11 great new songs for 2011!

Song titles are: Abide, Born Again, Whatever May Come, I Give Myself, Hear the Savior, No One Else Could Fill My Heart, Watch Your Life and Doctrine Closely, Jesus Marvelous Savior, Even Me, Another 100 Years, Peace to the Brethren