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We think you'll love hosting one of our singing workshops at your congregation!  Jonathan Hinckley is the presenter for a series of workshops that are designed to improve both individual and congregational singing. Workshops on a variety of topics are available. Contact us to schedule one now for your area!


We will tailor your workshop to the needs of your congregation/area. You may choose our most popular workshop which is an overview of several topics, including voice, harmony, reading music, songleading, and Biblical singing. We can also present a workshop focusing on a single theme (for example, just songleading), or an advanced workshop for those who are already fluent in reading music, songleading, etc. We can present workshops on songwriting, learning new songs, singing in Spanish--these are a few possible topics, any of them can be presented alone or blended together into a custom presentation.  You can suggest other topics if you like.  We are ready to take you in any direction that will build up the church according to God’s Word.  Each topic can be presented as a simple introduction or up to an advanced level.  We can work with different groups of any size and present anywhere from a one hour class to a full weekend workshop.  Just let us know what your needs are, and we'll put together a workshop that's just right for you!


The host congregation is responsible for our basic expenses (transportation, food, and a place to stay) and for sending invitations to neighboring congregations when appropriate. We appreciate any other financial help you can offer, but we have tried to keep expenses to a minimum so as many congregations as possible can participate.


Transportation costs include gas for congregations within driving distance, and air fare for those far from California. Air fare and lodging will usually be for our family of five; otherwise Jonathan can come for a one-day event only, we try to limit the time we are not together as a family.


The best way to schedule is to write us an email or call immediately to set aside your dates. Week-long events are limited to Jonathan's vacations as a school teacher. Otherwise workshops will usually be weekend or one-day Saturday events.


Jonathan loves to preach! And we love to work for the church. Any way we can help with outreach, doorknocking, visiting, teaching classes, preaching, etc., let us work together with you in spreading the gospel and teaching sound doctrine from the Word of God. Use us while we're there!

Give us a call at (626)287-8184, or email at so we can start to plan a workshop that will work for you!